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BlenderGirl-InPhotoFrame-webReap Your Own Rewards!
Enjoy the super-nutritious path for achieving your own vitality!

Learn how you can use the latest scientific research to achieve your own nutritional edge for:

  • Super-charged healthy weight-loss
  • Increased energy & stamina
  • Sharper & long-lasting mental focus
  • Increased sense of well-being!

Truly Sustainable & Healthy Weight Loss…
Without the Hype or Packaging!

The two primary Vitaliti Wellness programs are the 30-Day RESET Weight-Loss and Detox and the Zippi Accelerated 14-Day Cleanse. Both created by Ti Caudron, PhD, they have been used by nearly 10,000 people, and are recognized as two premier San Francisco Bay Area healthy lifestyle and wellness programs. Both programs are designed to help you achieve your optimal body composition and metabolic rates, while also gaining healthy muscle mass and eliminating stored toxins—resulting in a better-feeling highly-energized new you!

Our public classes (30-Day RESET & the NEW Zippi Accelerated 14-Day Cleanse), private coaching, membership programs, and corporate “Culture of Wellness” programs are all founded on the latest scientific research and documentation. Our goal is to empower all clients with a solid understanding of what whole foods work best and why, enabling you to start building a more healthful diet that will lead to enhanced physical and mental vitality.

“I (wanted to) tell you how much I appreciate what you and your program have meant to me this past year and a half.  You really have dramatically changed my perspective of the meaning of life and indeed my life itself.  Not just weight loss, though that has been an overwhelming source of satisfaction, but in so many ways I believe I have become a more engaged and better person as a direct result of your influence.”
~ Jerry C.
With several convenient locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, it is easy for you to participate in our proven programs where you can watch your inches melt away and your energy soar. If you live too far away to attend one of our classes in person, we also have a

Virtual versions for both the RESET and Zippi programs, that is perfect for those with distance or time constraints. In-person program locations include:

  • Berkeley
  • Benicia (New Location)
  • Lafayette
  • Piedmont / Berkeley (NEW Location & Classes)
  • Pleasant Hill / Walnut Creek
  • San Francisco
  • San Mateo
  • San Jose
  • Virtual RESET or Zippi (Start anytime and anyplace)

Plus we offer customized “Culture of Wellness” Corporate Programs as well as offer private and personal, one-on-one wellness coaching options with Ti,  for those seeking premium and private consulting.

Listen to Ti Caudron, PhD, Vitaliti Wellness Founder, talk about how to dissolve your blocks to Weight Loss!

Listen to our latest recorded program full of helpful insights that will empower you to make a change for a better you. Use this player below or download the audio file here

Want more program details?

Then listen to our recorded program overview call that will inspire you to make a change for a better you. Use the “player” below or download the audio file here >

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